the specialists in membership benefits and fundraising

About us

The Nice1 team has been in the market working with buying groups and suppliers since 2004. Over this time we have learned a lot about the business of membership benefits and how it all works, that's why we call ourselves the experts! With this experience and knowledge we are proud to present Nice1.

The approach is bringing associations, sports clubs and schools together as a buying group for suppliers to work with. Each group has a membership base and arguably at times organizations can stand on their own with supplier negotiation however being part of a bigger group with a common goal provides better leverage with suppliers as well as the organziations.

Our approach is structured so when working with suppliers it makes their life easier for delivery to buying groups through one channel rather than various individual groups.

We work with both the suppliers and groups ensuring a return on investment but more importantly, uptake from the members.

We have developed a plug and play programme for associations, sports clubs and schools. The key areas of service we offer are;

  • Programme development and management

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Supplier management

  • Buying group management

  • Technology

Organziations can either take the entire package as a 'plug and play' or pick and choose the services they want. It is that simple!