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Products and Services

We offer a range of services to organizations and suppliers. As no organization is unique, we can either deliver the total package or specific service lines. The end result is getting the members engaging with the programme. That is the science we deliver.

  • Programme development and management - reporting, rebate management, strategy development and delivery.

  • Marketing - web site landing pages, email newsletters, monthly deals, promotions, social media, design services, campaign strategy and much more.

    Member engagement is imperative. We have our own approach and templates or we can tailor one for you. We will provide you with all the tools you need to market the programme to your members.

  • Sales - member engagement and promotion of membership benefits

    Talking to the people is the only way members will know about the benefits of the programme. This is a missing element in most situations but imperative. We can assist with our own team or work with your sales team to generate the awareness and sales.

  • Supplier management - we work with a range of our own suppliers and manage the agreements and relationships. We can also work with your suppliers as part of a total solution.

    Suppliers are imperative to a successful programme. We have exceptional relationships with our suppliers and are constantly looking for new complimentary suppliers. We have pre negotiated agreements with most our suppliers and are ready to engage with a programme that meets the criteria of those companies.

  • Buying group management - suppliers sometimes look to outsource the management of their membership benefits programme. We provide the structure and expertise to deliver on these requirements.

    Suppliers sometimes want a qualified organization to manage their buying group programmes. We provide a full management service enabling suppliers to pass over buying group relationships to Nice1 to manage and grow.

  • Technology - each member will have their own unique identification to track all purchases through the programme suppliers.

    Capturing a member's transaction is critical. Not only for the supplier or buying group but mostly the member. We can provide the technology to capture all transactions providing all concerned an accurate view of activity and be able to make more accurate business decisions for the programme.